New Jackson Smoke-free Park Now Open to the Public

New Jackson Park is now open to the public. This smoke-free park offering over 1-acre of public green space provides an informal and relaxing place for both New Jackson residents and the wider city community to enjoy.

Located adjacent to our newly launched development The Blade on Silvercroft Street, as well as our previously completed towers at Crown Street – Victoria Residence and Elizabeth Tower, the park’s proximity to the neighbouring developments means open areas of lawn benefit from dynamic shifting sun patterns that gracefully stream between these iconic towers.

Informal pathways wind through the space where people are encouraged to stop, sit and stay. Thoughtfully curated plantings, clusters of trees, and swaying grasses weave a tapestry of ever-changing colours throughout the year, and a children’s play area offers a safe space for children and parents to enjoy time outside.

Our vision at New Jackson is to create a sustainable and attractive neighbourhood that people feel proud to call home. With inspiring architecture, it is set to be a world-class skyscraper district, and a thriving new community within the city.

Our vision at New Jackson is to create substantial public space improvements, from green space and new pedestrian and cycle pathways, focused on creating sustainable travel routes for the local community, to educational hubs and medical facilities. The total value of these improvements will be in excess of £25 million. The creation of sustainable neighbourhoods for the long term, which include high-quality homes and amenities, catering to the needs of the residents and the local community is extremely important to us. We are proud to be developing much-needed infrastructure to enable people to call the city centre their home.