Medlock Canteen joins New Jackson Neighbourhood

Medlock Canteen is the latest concept from the team behind Belzan and Madre and has now opened its doors at Deansgate Square, New Jackson.

Inspired by the informality, accessibility and hospitality of American Diners and Parisian Bistros, Medlock Canteen offers an informal, laid-back space with American style booths and a welcoming atmosphere.

With an extensive menu offering a wide selection of items, including English breakfast, crab and gruy√®re omelette, fish of the day, fresh salads, an rotisserie chicken oven, it’s a place to come and enjoy coffee and an all-day menu.

The canteen, accessible from ‘The Square’ which runs alongside the River Medlock at Deansgate Square, is set to be a local hangout where everyone is welcome to enjoy unfussy, traditional, everyday faire, in the heart Renaker’s world-class skyscraper district – New Jackson.