Community Placemaking

We create aspirational, new neighbourhoods where communities thrive.

We have built more than 6,000 homes to date, and are currently investing £55 million in public realm across all of our developments in Manchester.

Creation of new neighbourhoods for the long term

We are currently working on developing major neighbourhoods across Manchester; Great Jackson Street near Deansgate, and Colliers Yard in Greengate.

All neighbourhoods will include commercial and social infrastructure, exceptional residential amenity, new public squares and green spaces for both the residents and the public to enjoy.

As majority landowner in each location, we are leading the transformation in the creation of these new city centre districts.

Great Jackson Street area

Near Deansgate towards the South of the city, we have taken what was brownfield land and plan to create high-quality homes, as well as substantial public realm improvements from green space to educational, and medical facilities.

These will include: a city centre park (over 1 acre in size), a primary school for 210 pupils, and a medical centre. The neighbourhood will also be connected via cycle pathways and walkways. The total value of these improvements is in excess of £30 million.

Colliers Yard

Colliers Yard is located within Greengate, at the North of the city. We plan to create a landscaped public park, a tree-lined boulevard, and a new public square, Collier Square.

The square will open up to frame Collier Street Baths, a Grade II* listed building, and plans are underway for its final redevelopment ensuring the building is brought back to life.

The development will also be home to local independent, commercial operators providing amenity for both new residents and for the local community.

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We ensure our developments positively impact the local community

We understand that creating new neighbourhoods includes a great responsibility to get the balance right between residential development, commercial uses, green spaces and social infrastructure, to create sustainable communities that stand the test of time.

Whilst we are regarded as a developer who builds upwards, careful consideration is given as to how each tower hits the ground, and how it complements the existing surroundings.

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How we achieve this

Delivery of large scale, accessible and attractive public realm is at the core of all our developments. Careful consideration is taken in ensuring we offer something different, whether this be a more suburban style soft green park or more civic hardstanding spaces that properly address a riverside. In this way, we are providing residents of the neighbourhoods and the surrounding local community with new and different spaces to enjoy. We incorporate key linkages with surrounding areas with a particular focus on sustainable travel, either cycling or walking routes.

We have taken a carefully curated approach with all our commercial operators ensuring they are local, independent businesses, in order to provide the right offering to residents whilst enhancing the local area.

Working with local communities

We work closely with local councillors and representatives within the community maintaining a comprehensive and ongoing dialogue, as well as local independent community-focused operators to activate commercial and public spaces.

As part of our commitment to building sustainable communities, we have appointed a Resident Experience & Events Manager.

We have also created a short film to showcase the emerging community at Great Jackson Street, told by our residents, on-site teams and operators.