About us

Established in 2006, Renaker is now firmly recognised as Manchester’s leading developer with a proven track record of delivering sustainable, high-quality developments at pace. We have successfully delivered over 7,000 new homes to date.


Take a look at who we are, and what we offer as Manchester’s leading property developer.

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Who we are

We are a highly professional, capable and motivated
developer, industry-leading with a wealth
of in-house talent.


We focus on city centre brownfield regeneration, efficiently
delivering spacious, high-quality homes with desirable amenities,
all whilst creating aspirational new neighbourhoods, enabling
people to enjoy and thrive.


Professional, straightforward and honest in our approach,
we are collaborative with all our stakeholders in the local
community. This helps us to build successful and sustainable
communities for the long term.


The four values underpin everything we do
and our approach to how we work.

Delivering innovative developments.

Capable in delivering spacious, high-quality homes at pace, with a proven track record.
Why us?

Honest in our approach.

Collaborative in the ways of working with all our stakeholders.